Private Security Regulation Authority
Private Security Regulation Authority
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Application Forms (New) Company Application Form Individual Application Form   Additional Requirements (Form 2)
Application Form (Renewals) Private Security Regulation Authority ACT Renewal Form
Sample Application Forms Company Sample Form Individual Sample Form
Requirements For Registration Registration Registration
Requirements For Renewal Renewals Renewals
Registration Fees Fees Fees
  PSRA Vetting Form Ammendment to the Minimum Wage Act - January 21, 2016
  Form B (Firearm Listing) Minimum Wage for Security Guards(Unarmed, Armed, Canine)
Other downloads Transfer Form List of Registered Security Guards
  List of Registered Companies PSRA- HEART Trust Level-1 Security Training Summary
  Bio-data Form Claim Settlement Electronic Funds Transfer Form
  List of FLA Approved Trainers Registered Security Trainers
  List of Registered Companies (Armed Guards) Health Insurance Scheme Brochure
  PSRA Consultation June 11, 2015 Health Insurance Sample Form
  Minimum Wage Act Health Insurance Enrollment Form